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Who am I ?

From various experiences abroad, as a volunteer in Sweden within a European Voluntary Service, then as a trainee with a career start in Germany, gave me a strong interest in intercultural matters.

My uncommon university course and the knowledge gained through those experiences led me to launch Bienvenü: a company shaped to be active in the international field offering a variety of services to students and the private sector.


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My skills at your service !

Students support

During my voluntary service, I had the opportunity to live and gain life experience abroad. I left for Sweden in 2007 as a volunteer in the social and cultural fields. I received wonderful and useful support which gave me the opportunity to live, both rewarding human and professional experiences. I decided to finish my studies in Germany, where I worked for 3 years in the French Cultural Center and within the recruiting service of a big company. Back in France, for the next 5 years, I supported international students within the International Office of the university in Lyon.

Internships advice

In an open world encouraging shared experiences and good practices, everybody can take advantage. The company welcoming a trainee, in order to develop networks or partnerships; and the trainee to broaden their course, living a rewarding experience and get better access to the job market. Within the recruiting services of the BASF company, in Berlin (Germany), I had the task of recruiting trainees, from the applications selection to the first phone interviews.

International Projects

Bienvenü wants to be a protagonist in developing International mobility in Lyon through different types of projects, with a strong interest in building bridges between countries, organisations and people.My studies in the fields of social and cultural work placements led me to develop skills in project management, both theoretically but also in the field. I have had the opportunity to use this knowledge within different working experiences. In particular, I’ve been organised conferences, movie debate events, and took part in the running of a music festival.


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