Each year, Lyon is welcoming around 16 000 international students! Let’s talk with Andrada-Erika, who studied at first in Besancon as an Erasmus student and then settled in Lyon.

Andrada-Erika, international student in Lyon (Romania)

When have you been in Lyon and how long?
I live in France since September 2016, and specifically in Lyon since September 2018.

Why did you come to Lyon?
I came to Lyon for pursuing my studies, within my first year at the language faculty of the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 university.

What was your first impression when you arrived?
I’ve been living in Besancon, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, during my two first years in France (I came at first as an Erasmus student, then I decided to stay), a very beautiful city but small and quiet. Therefore, I’ve been a bit scared when I first arrived in Lyon as it is a big city. In the meantime, I also discovered that it is such a beautiful city so my impression was absolutely positive.

How do you like the city?
I think that Lyon is a very beautiful city, with a beautiful atmosphere and nice and welcoming people.

Which point is especially to highlight?
I think that a very important aspect in Lyon is that it is a very dynamic, cultural city, where you always find interesting events in all fields, for all tastes. It is also a student city, with a lot of students and international students mostly, which is also important to me because it is the opportunity of forming bonds with different cultures, speak several foreign languages and why not make friendships for life!

What is your favorite place ?
There are so many stunning places in Lyon that it would be very difficult to choose a favorite one. I could probably say that I like to go on the banks with friends, take something to eat and drink, or just have a walk along the Rhône.

Did you travel in the region? If so, what did you especially like or discover?
As my master classes are very absorbing, I didn’t travel a lot in the region. In fact, when I have a little bit of time, I often go back to Besancon as I still have friends over there, and it is like a second home for me. But I would like to visit Annecy and other places near Lyon soon.

Did you speak French before your experience in France?
Because I arrived in France as an Erasmus student, I already spoke French, thanks to my Bachelor diploma in Romania in foreign languages (French & English). French was the second language I’ve been learning after English.

What was the first or favorite French word you learnt in Lyon ?
One of the first word I learned in Lyon (I learn new words every day of course!) was “Gone” which refers to a child, a word very typical in Lyon.

Is there any anecdote, connected to your experience, that you wish to tell?
How will your experience be useful for your future?
I think that living a life in a foreign country is always full of anecdotes, but let’s say a specific one stands out form the rest. Small experiences and meetings which showed me that it isn’t easy as I am Romanian and people have stereotypes about people from Romania, or typical French jokes which are not always easy for me to understand, or words like “shot” pronounced in a French way that make everybody laugh without me getting it; all that are not only enriching and memorable experiences, but also experiences which help knowing yourself and others. Immersing yourself in a different culture can just bring positive aspects, and even completely change your life by giving you a new direction, as it happened for me.


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