Well, a student budget isn’t known to be infinitely extendable ; and Lyon remains the 5th more expensive city in France. But if you are well prepared, know about your expectations of your experience abroad, and have a knowledge of the right ways to stay thrifty (but also enjoy !) ; you should be able to keep your head above water, gracefully !
Therefore, we found it very important to introduce different places and ways to deal with low finances, in other words give you a (non exhaustive) list of good tips !


Finding an accomodation in Lyon is not an easy process, but once you will be settled in your « home sweet home », you will probably need furnitures of any kind ! Thanks to the life 2.0, several platforms but also shops will enable you to find what you’re searching for at very low prices, or even for free.


On this Facebook group (you need to join to see the posts), people are giving away all kind of stuffs. They post a picture of the item and then you better be fast : first comment, first served !

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/groups/adopteunobjet.lyon/

Trouve tes meubles

On this plateform, you will find free furnitures : sofas, tables, or desks for example. You need to sign up in order to get in touch with the giver and pick up your furniture !

Website : trouvetesmeubles.com

Le bon coin

This is the most used second hand platform in France. Furnitures, but not only ! Not to say : everything you can imagine : music instruments, cars, sport furnitures and a lot more.

Website : www.leboncoin.fr/annonces/offres/rhone_alpes/


Emmaüs is a historical social organization. People get rid off the furnitures which they don’t need anymore and give them away to Emmaüs, which sell them in shops at low prices.
Emmaüs in Lyon : 283 rue de créqui (7th district)


Lyon has many nice restaurants and coffees and offers a wide range of groceries from all sizes and prices. Below, you will find different ways to feed yourself and keep your wallet pretty safe !

“Le Crous”

“Le Crous” is an organization aiming to give the best everyday life conditions to students. They provide restaurants and snacks, always on the campus : definitly the cheapest meals you will find.

Website : www.crous-lyon.fr/

Social Grocery

At Agoraé, the concept is the next : low down your expenses of food and free some time for your studies. The organization provides baskets full of fruits and vegetables to eat healthy and cheap, one time a week.

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/Agorae.Lyon/

Le Marché !

We had to mention this option : healthy products (not more expensive than in normal groceries), local farmers, great mood and places (in all areas of Lyon) : dive straight into the French culture !  On the website of the city of Lyon, you’ll find a list of all existing markets in the city :


Cultural events, movies, concerts or hanging out with friends : the student life in Lyon is so rich that you will never be bored ! Below, some nice tips to have an affordable experience of the city !

Cultural Pass (“Pass Culture” in French)

Lyon is offering 5000 cultural pass to students. For only 16 euros, you can enjoy four shows (concerts, opera, theater pieces, dance shows), in 35 different cultural places of the city. You can find your pass in the cultural service of your university.


Some cinemas in Lyon offer great movies at a good rate to students (even free open air movies on the summer !). Check out some nices arthouse cinemas: Le Comédia, Le Zola.

Website : www.cinema-comoedia.com

Website : www.lezola.com

Have a drink with friends

Or maybe several ! Like in any other place in the world, enjoy the “Happy Hours” to save money. The blog Lyon City Crunch did a nice article about it, including a list of pubs and prices (in French:/) :


Taking the train in France is pretty expensive, and you may have the wish (at least you definitly should) to take a trip to other cities (Paris, but we have also much more to offer!). Lyon is close to the mountains and you can find stunning spots to take a big breath out of the city just for a weekend. Overview of some good alternatives.


Blablacar is the most known carsharing platform in France. You have to create an account to access the drivers annoucments.

Website : www.blablacar.co.uk


Taking the bus is one of the cheapest way to travel. The two main compagnies will take you to a lot of destinations, including European cities.

Website : www.flixbus.fr

Website : fr.ouibus.com/fr

Train “low cost”

As mentionned before, the train tickets are very expensive but the rail company took place a low cost train which will drive you to Paris or Marseille, from 10 euros.

Website : www.ouigo.com


To move within the city, you can rent a Velo’v (self-service bikes renting) in not less than 338 stations located in the whole city. The student card costs only 15 euros a year, you get your bike for free during 30 minutes which is generally enough to reach your destination !

More info : velov.grandlyon.com/en/offers-and-rates.html

Any specific question about the good tips mentionned, or any other topics (related to Lyon and your mobility!) you wish to be enlightened about ? Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Whats App, I will be delighted to answer you !

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