Dear International Students: a warm welcome in Lyon! It’s time to start your journey abroad, and since you’ve just arrived in your new city, you are probably wondering how to start finding an accommodation, dealing with paperwork, making friends and get to know Lyon. Don’t panic! Lots of events are designed and organized for international students by many institutions in order to answer all those questions and help you feel at home quickly. Let’s do an overview together!


It matters to the city of Lyon and to the University of Lyon to warmly welcome its new students, both French and International. Therefore, they host the Students Welcome Desk every year to give you support in all your administrative steps and make your integration easier. Partners are there to provide you with useful information, and you handle your visa procedures on site (92 rue pasteur). The students Welcome Desk is open until the 29th of November.

Website: Students Welcome Desk. 

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Facebook Page:


In addition to the Students Welcome Desk, the University of Lyon offers a wide program of events designed for all the new students. Bienvenü is delighted to collaborate with the institution by organizing some of those events!

Discover Lyon

  • Walking Tours
    Are you ready to explore Lyon? On this Alternative Free Walking tour, Lyon Explorer will guide you around the best (and his favorite places) in the city. He will give you an overview of all the facets of Lyon; each Saturday in September and October. Keep in mind! Each tour can host up to 20 people and registration is mandatory.

Walking Tours in English:

Walking Tours in French:

  • Photo race through the city
    On the 2nd of November, ESN CosmoLyon is organizing a team race in Lyon to take pictures in unusual places. It will start at the Bellecour square, and the finish line? It’s a surprise! You will have to solve a riddle in order to find the arrival point and then join the CosmoLyon team. There is a Facebook event to come and registration is mandatory! Stay tuned.

Language Exchange Evenings
Practice foreign languages while having fun and meeting French and International students: that’s the goal of the language exchange evenings! The Lyon BlaBla Exchange concept will help you improve your language skills in a nice and informal environment; and maybe build intercultural friendships which will let you extend your language exchange experience!
The events will take place on the 22nd and 29th of October at the “Maison des Etudiants” (90 rue de Marseille). There is a Facebook event to come and registration is mandatory! Stay tuned.


International students, ESN CosmoLyon is THE organization to follow in order to connect with people in Lyon. Run by French students who have almost all experienced living abroad, they organize great events with a true interest in interculturalism. The year-long schedule of events let you meet other international and French students, including a full welcome week from the 23rd to the 29th of September. Share an “apero” with them beforehand on the 10th of September!

Apero event & Facebook Page:

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