Taking part in a study abroad exchange also means potentially arriving in January, and stay for one semester only. Such an enriching experience usually spends in the blink of an eye, especially on such a short time. This is why we want to provide you with all all good tips to insure a quick integration in the city and let you start on the blocks!

Catch up !

In order to offer good info for international students, we’ve been writing several useful articles which might be of interest to you : discovering the city, living on a low budget, or also meeting people . This survival kit should give you all the keys to feel confortable in your welcoming city upon your arrival. In addition to our article « discovering Lyon : where to start ? », which gives a general overview of the different districts which worth a look, check-out the top 5 things to do in Lyon according to “See you soon”! :

What do I need to know : acronyms and administration

As freshly arrived international students, busy with walking through Lyon and meeting new friends, let’s save time with acronyms and administration ! You will often hear them and it is very important to know about them !

APL : they are a financial help for accomodation matters, designed for people with low means. Delivered by another « administration with acronym » : the CAF.
CROUS : this organization offers services in order to improve the daily student life. They especially provide cheap restaurants on each campus, and also student accomodations.
LMDE or SMERRA : they are student social security organizations. Be aware that it is compulsory for non-european students and the fees are included in your university registration. Also note that they can provide you with an « house insurance ».
Find them : SMERRA : 5 cours Albert Thomas (08th district)|LMDE : 51 avenue Maréchal de Saxe (3rd district)
RIB : this document is delevered by your bank and includes several account infos. It can be asked within several administrative procedures.
SNCF : it is the train company in France. As mentionned in our article “Lyon for low budgets!“, taking the train costs a lot in France and you can find some interesting alternatives.
TCL : it is the transportation company in Lyon. Find one of their shop to create a student monthly card. You can then reload it each month on any machine inside the metro stations (31,5 euros).

Some Winter spots

Lyon is not located in Groenland, but still the winter can be rude. Fortunately, you can find some warm and cosy coffees in the near of the university campuses. Below, we selected two spots that we like, plus a rather unusual one !

Le labo
Not far away from the riverside campus, this coffee shop and its very nice decoration will let you warm up with delicious homemade cakes, coffee (of course!), in a very warm environment. All furnitures were made of pallets, by a very welcoming team.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LeLaboLyon/

Le Patchwork café
In the near of the university Jean Moulin Lyon 3, the Patchwork coffee is the perfect place to chill alone or with friends, work on various projects and enjoy delicious pieces of cakes, coffee and also lunch food.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PatchworkCafe/

Take a swim (outside)!
No need to clean the screen of your computer ! You just read « take a swim outside». The open air« piscine du Rhône » (Rhône swimming pool), amazingly located among the river, is open during winter time. No panic : water is warmed up to 27 degrees.

Address: 8 quai Claude Bernard (07th district)


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